June 19, 2012

Summer of '12 Mantle

I have had so much fun with and am happy with the
DIY projects that went into this mantle vignette
 that I will probably keep it up for the
whole Summer of 2012. 

The art print reminds me so much of the beaches of
Alabama and Florida where I have spent many a
summer vacation during my life.  I guess it could look
like a pretty beach almost anywhere.

The title of the print is "Rendevous". 
I think it is a gathering of the seagulls that inspired the
artist, Carolyn Blish, to name her painting that. 
This print has been mounted on foam core and sealed.  I haven't added the brush strokes like
I did to the prints for my Winter Mantle  and for Springtime in Paris mantle, but I intend to.

The black metal firescreen that I usually keep out all
year just looked too heavy with this vignette of neutrals,
blues and greens so I took it down and added an
arrangement of houseplants, spikey Dracena
( $1 each at the garden center at Walmart )
and some tropical-looking faux leaves from

The planter (from the back back back yard) got a
new coat of paint in driftwood colors.

After I saw this post on how to make your own
Japanese fishing floats on the blog Sand and Sisal,
I have been looking forward to making some for
summer decorating. 
I am so disappointed that I didn't realize that the memory card was not in my camera while I was
taking the steps I took to make these floats.  I had (I think) gorgeous shots of them drying while 
hanging in from the crepe myrtle trees.  When the morning sun hit them while they were waiting
 inside on the coffee table be placed on the mantle, they looked almost as pretty. 

I ran out of the pre-made fishnet from the craft store so
I made some twine "cages" for the faux floats.

The wooden items from craft stores also had
most of their "how to" photos made without
 a card in the camera.  Here is how the faux
lobster/crab trap floats looked before painting...

...and here is what the float/lures looked like...

....this is a group photo when I DID realize the card was not
in the camera showing the paints that were used and
most of the items before sanding...

...the fishing lures/floats in the foreground have been
sanded, the background ones have not been sanded...

...and here it is all together:

The DIY decorative log pilings are detailed in Using My Noodles(s) blog post.
I hope you have a wonderful Summer of 2012!

Opps! I don't know what "happened to" the other parties I linked this to but I am sharing also at
Seasonal Sundays @ The Tablescaper


  1. Hi, I'm visiting you from Layla's Summer Fun Link Party.

    I *love* your glass floats - thanks for the link to the tutorial! I totally want to make my own now!!!

    Your mantel is lovely!

  2. Oh I love this vignette. Your floats are stunning, I definitely need to figure out how to make some of these, so pretty, and I love the sticks all tied together also. Everything looks amazing, beautiful mantel. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  3. GORGEOUS! One of the prettiest summer mantles I have seen yet- You did a wonderful job-xo Diana

  4. I just adore your mantle! LOVE LOVE LOVE it all! Thanks so much for linking up to the All Star Block Party!


  5. Wow. Can't believe you made all these decor items. It all looks beachy, weather worn!! So fun!

  6. Carolyn Blish is one of my favorites. My mother had one of her dune prints hanging in our guest room. Love the repaint on the floats.

  7. Great beachy mantle! I love the print and the floats. I'm going to have to try making them. I've wanted some for a long time but they are hard to find and expensive.

  8. Really lovely! So fresh and light!

    Thanks for sharing on the Block Party!

  9. I LOVE this mantel! It's perfect. The floats are great, and all your items and colors are just right. Kudos, Miss Kitty!

  10. OMG! This is the prettiest summer mantel display that I've seen! I had no idea that you could make your own floats. Every last detail in your display is just wonderful.

  11. You have inspired me to add to my own summer Mantle.... wow! I pinned this...thanks!

  12. Really beautiful - love those twine and glass balls - so delicate.

  13. Oh wow! I LOVE every bit of this!! Sharing this on my fb and pinning it! :)

  14. Such a lovely summer mantel. I love the soft colors thanks for sharing your mantle. I'm pinning for inspiration.

  15. oh.my.goodness! this is my first visit to your blog & i can already tell i'm gonna love everything about it! just gorgeous!

  16. Beautiful! I like coastal design so of course I love your mantle.

  17. You did such a phenomenal job on the glass floats! Thank you for linking to me! I'm glad you were able to make such a gorgeous mantel with help from my tutorial! It was so great to meet you & spend time with you at Haven! You are just the sweetest!!! ;)

    Kim @ Sand & Sisal

  18. Your mantel is gorgeous! I am going to pin your pool noodle pilings for next year's summer mantel!

  19. Darling Summer mantel 'scape - love the different textures and pastels. Very pretty!

  20. Yur mantle looks great so why not enjoy it for the entire season!

  21. Gorgeous! Love how you pulled it all together, I never would have questioned the 'netting' on the 'floats', they are fabulous all different like that. Found you at Seasonal Sundays.

  22. Beautiful!! Did you use 3" or 4" ornaments?? <3 Katie


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