June 14, 2012

Kitchen Mini Makeover

Faced with the fact that we needed to do
something to/with our kitchen cabinets that were
peeling and had hinges that were breaking
(after eight years ago having new of both),
we chose the cheapest option which was just
 to re-hab the cabinets we already had.

A couple of years ago, I had started following
decorator Rachel Halvorsen's blog "Nestegg"
after seeing her on the cover and inside of
the magazine Garden and Gun. On her blog she had
 recommended a Sherwin Williams paint color
 called "Urbane Bronze" as one of her favorites
 for cabinets and doors.
Click here to see kitchen cabinets she had painted in Urbane Bronze.
Click here to see a great blog post she did called "Dark Doors".
  She shows photos of dark doors from other sources and explains the
 "whys" and "hows" of using dark doors in your home.
 At the end of the post she shows her own projects
using Urbane Bronze and  SW Tricorn Black.

I'm pretty much a "color chicken" and am happy to
rely on decorators' favorite color choices that I see in
magazines and on the internet.  I bought a sample of
the "Urbane Bronze" to test on different spots on the
 kitchen cabinets (since light in one area may affect color),
decided it was as good as any I might fret over, and
called our "go-to-guy-who-can-do-most-anything"
to come over and paint the cabinets and replace the hinges.

As a point of reference, here is what the kitchen
looked like when we bought the house:

When we moved in eight years ago,
we had the walls and tile backsplash painted green,
(Georgian Green HC - 115 Benjamin Moore)
painted cabinets the darkest green available (they looked
almost black), replaced hinges with invisible ones,
replaced appliances, replaced cabinet pulls, replaced
gray formica with a granite-looking formica, took
up fake wood floor and had tile put down.
My mother hates that cabinet color and says that it is "depressing".  I still like the color but
as long as we are having the cabinets re-done, might as well try another color for fun.

Here is the same view with the new "Urbane Bronze"...

...and here is how we got there:

Our guy removed the cabinet doors to take them
to his workshop to sand and paint them and
get them ready for the new hinges.

He painted the bases and the drawers in place.
He told me not to be shocked when I saw the
primer color but it was hard not to be...so pink!

The plain expanse of plywood on the traffic side of the
peninsula has always bothered me.  Our Guy and I
worked out a design he could easily apply with pine
molding to add interest to that area.

The ends of the peninsula have angles that took a little more
consideration.  For the floating end, we decided to have one
larger molding box wrap around the angle instead of trying
to squeeze in two boxes or have none.
(oopps! that plug has GOT to be painted)

For the attached end, we decided to ignore the extra inches
that go back into a funky corner and just make that
molding box the same size as the main ones.

Here you can see how much better the real color
looks than the primer color.

There was very little "down time" for the kitchen since we
went with for cosmetic changes only.  We all just kind of
worked around each other while the changes were being made.
The paint is still wet in this photo so the cabinets look very shiny.  The cabinets were painted with oil-based
semi-gloss so they dried to a lesser shine but it  seems glossy enough for us. 

I still like the basket pulls so we just re-used them.
They actually show up better now on the lighter color.

Here are some other views of the newly painted cabinets:

Each of the stools now have their own parking place
marked by the new molding. 

When we painted the cabinets eight years ago, the stools
also got a coat of the same color.  Soon they will be getting
repainted again but for now they show us the difference
between the old and new paint colors.

I hope my mama likes the new cabinet color better.

I hope YOU like my new cabinet color too!


  1. Your kitchen looks gorgeous. I love the new color. Beautiful job. Hugs, marty

  2. Hello Miss Kitty; love the nickname! -_^ I'm a new follower; found your link via Feathered Nest party.
    I love your kitchen makeover, including the previous darker color. Paint can sure stretch a dollar when we want a new look. I do think the new color brings out your counter top more. Great job and thanks for sharing. : )

  3. I love it! That is a great redo. Having someone come in to do it for you seems like a much better idea than DIY for this one. It all looks fantastic. The pulls are significantly prettier with that new color.

  4. Beautiful transformation. I love the new color. you did GREAT~!

  5. Oh- I LOVE it-absolutely LOVE it! What a great new color and very rich looking tones. I love the added molding for interest-that was a long unbroken piece without it.

    I popped by that gal's blog,too, and almost forgot to come back!;>)

    Hope you have a great Friday- xo Diana

  6. Holy Cow! What an awesome transformation!! That Urban Bronze color is one to remember, so rich, and looks great with your knobs. Love the upgrade!!!

  7. you must just love it....gorgeous!!

  8. I'm really digging this! I'm ready to attack my kitchen cabinets - i'm just dreading the time involved -but yours looks awesome! Visiting from the Picket Fence!

  9. Hi! I'm visiting from Saturday Nite Special. I love your kitchen cabinet makeover. What a fabulous color!

    {my simple messterpiece}

  10. Hi! I'm visiting from Saturday Nite Special. I love your kitchen cabinet makeover. What a fabulous color!

    {my simple messterpiece}

  11. Wow! They look GREAT. Urbane Bronze is not depressing, it's sophisticated! You took those cabinets up about 25 notches! I'm super impressed!

    I cannot wait to meet you at Haven! Please find me and give me a big hug! :)

  12. so great to meet you today at Haven. I love your cabinet redo!!! I redo cabinets often for clients and would love to do a color like yours instead of the standard white or cream! ha! Blessings, Jennifer

  13. I love the new cabinet color and love how you added the molding around your peninsula too! Very pretty!

  14. Your kitchen is amazing, well painted and organized. Cheers for that.

    kitchens pembroke ma

  15. What is the wall color? I'm buying a house that the current owners painted the cabinets a gray color and I'm looking to soften the look. The wall color may just do the trick?

    1. Sorry! I should have put this in the body of the blog. It is Georgian Green (HC 115) from Benjamin Moore's Historical Color Collection.

  16. what is the name of the green you used in the kitchen? does anyone know?

    1. Thanks for asking Erica...it is Georgian Green (HC 115) from Benjamin Moore. We have an open concept in the main area of the house so the dining room and living room are also this same color. It is easy to live with and goes with my decorating for all seasons.

  17. Could you tell me the name of the countertop color and brand?

    1. The counter is "Baltic Granite" (3691) from Formica.

  18. What color is the cabinets since Chang them in the new color

    1. The cabinet color is "Urbane Bronze" by Sherwin Williams.

  19. Was searching for a color for our garage doors & front main door- found Urbane Bronze. Was surprised to see it looks great on cabinets too! Your cabinets look fantastic! Would it be too much to use this color both on kitchen cabinets & garage doors/front door?? Mrs. MP

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