November 1, 2017

25 Idea-Filled Vignettes

The vendors at the Country Living Fair Atlanta 2017 did a 
great job of composing wonderful vignettes of their wares
in beautiful and inspiring ways. I use the word "inspiring"
as in, we can look at their displays and get ideas of how we
can achieve pleasing results with vignettes in our own homes. 

Most of the vignettes at the fair are populated with more
items than we would use in our homes because the vendors
are displaying their things to sell but note what items they 
put together and what you might already have that you
could use in a new way. 

Don't think only of tabletops but of your mantel (if you
have one) and porch area too. 

Here are 25 of my favorite vignettes from the fair...

It is mind-boggling to think of the time, effort and money
the vendors spend to display at the fair. I hope they did well!

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