November 2, 2017

4 Farmhouse Trends At Country Living Fair

Here are four Farmhouse trends that were very apparent
at the vendor's booths at the Country Living Fair Atlanta.
If you want to add a country chic flair to your home
these pictures may give you some decorating ideas.

There were so many great signs on wood and metal at the
fair. The thing that surprised me is how many signs were
specifically for Christmas. I guess I think of a sign as 
something you would keep out year-round but these were
adorable and just get stored with the other decorations.

I'm going to include paintings on tin and also metal
cutouts in this category.

Bottles and Jars
In addition to lots of blue mason jars (you already know what
those look like) there were bottles and jars of every shape and
size. Love these with old house numbers attached and others
with wire woven around them (DIYs?)

Cutting Boards
I have seen lots of handled cutting boards in pictures of 
Farmhouse kitchens. Even though I only got one picture
there were several booths that had vintage-looking ones.
Wooden bread bowls were abundant too. 

Fabric Folk Art Items
Farmhouse looks feature simplicity and that is embodied in
these "soft sculpture" pieces that would add homemade warmth.

Although the fair is over, you can keep your eyes open
for these type of things (or make some of them yourself)
to add farmhouse charm to your home. 

I had wanted to go to the Country Living Fair for years but 
this was the first time I actually got to go. I enjoyed seeing 
pictures that other bloggers had posted about the fair in the
past...I hope you enjoyed these too. 

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  1. All of your photos for the four Country Living Fair categories are amazing, Gayle! It's as if we are actually there! I wish something like this was near me. I love going to craft fairs and this one is quite fascinating! So many ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Gail! I always enjoyed seeing other bloggers' pictures from craft/decorating fairs and I finally got to go to one myself. So many great images from there that I wanted to share with others too.

  3. Thanks for all the great pictures. I have always wanted to go to one of the Country Fairs myself...maybe one day. I got several ideas from here. My son made signs that sold as soon as the store he displayed in put them up. I have a couple from him that I just love. xo Diana

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