November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving Home Tour

Welcome to my home! 
When you turn the corner to come down my street, there
is a lot of  Fall color in the yard this year. All of the 
pumpkins in their "patches" really catch your eye...

...especially the ones that have bright green vines to contrast
with the orange of the pumpkins. 

These are real pumpkins but they grew somewhere else.
I try to make them look like my yard was their birthplace
by having sweet potato vines growing around them. 

The vines won't grow on the other end of the "island" so
these pumpkins only have scraggly azalea bushes to
site beside. 

By this time of year most of the real vines that covered 
the mailbox post have died. As the vines turn brown I 
replace them with artificial Fall leaves. It is kind of a 
gradual process just like in nature. More pumpkins here.

The smallest pumpkin patch is by the walkway to
the front door.

These iron obelisks get the same treatment as the mailbox
as far as gradually replacing dying vines with Fall color.

The wreath on the door is one I have used for several
years now. It always needs rehab at the end of the 
Fall season after baking in the sun every afternoon.

Just inside the front door is the dining room. 
I have had fun practicing flower arranging in these
cornucopia baskets. If you want to see how to make 
some yourself click on Fresh Flower Cornucopias.

Like the cornucopia, the wheat sheaf is a traditional 
symbol of thanksgiving. Here's how to make one.

On the buffet also in the dining room is a mostly white
display (lamps are converted garden urns).

To the left of the buffet is the entrance to the living room.

Some might say I went overboard on the pumpkins with
succulents on top  but I had fun making them and just 
couldn't stop. It is a color change for sure for this Fall's decor.

More cornucopia on the mantel...

We still have wild Queen Anne's lace blooming!
The background for the Queen Anne's lace is a Fall print that was made to look like a painting. 

Thanksgiving touches were added to the single bookcase.

If you are having trouble getting your small wheat 
sheaves to stand up here's a trick: put the base of the 
sheaf in a glass container and pour rice or beans around it.
Don't move it or you will have to start in place.

The double bookcase just has a touch of Thanksgiving.

Directly across from the sofa is a console.

Above the console are frames with chicken wire.

Originally I made the framed chicken wire to display
Christmas cards but now I leave it up all year and change
out the decorations seasonally.

Right now plaster leaves and Thanksgiving thoughts are
attached to the wire with tiny clothespins.
If you want a closer look at the Thanksgiving thoughts and even how to
make them for yourself click on this link. 

On the way to the kitchen we'll pass by one of the sofa's 
end tables. This holds our small collection of magnifying
glasses and a Fall bird on a dish. 

The kitchen table holds a Fall fresh flower arrangement
 and some large ceramic acorns. 

Here's my new kitchen clock. I got it at Kirkland's recently.
I thought it was a good value at $40 and it has charm.

We'll end the tour with a chalkboard thought that
 is appropriate for this season and for the whole year too!

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  3. The pumpkins in front sweet potato patch are adorable!

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