February 14, 2013

Beatles' Themed Conversation Hearts

Instead of a tradition Valentine card for my husband this year,
I made him a super-sized display using words/titles from one
of our favorite bands, The Beatles. 

Even though the elements of the display are shabby chic
the theme of conversation hearts mixes in some pop culture.

The most important one to us at this stage of life is:

The frame and background was a last-minute Christmas project.
To cover up the stick on lettering from Christmas, three
layers of burlap ribbon was used.

Because the actual backing is cardboard, I was able to just use
push pins to hold everything the new display.

The clear push pins didn't look terrible but paper hearts punched
out of aged book pages (that I had left over from book page
wreaths I had made here and here) were an easy and cute cover.

For the actual wording for the conversation hearts, I was
 able to draw on some of the many Beatles books Tom Kat has.

This one was the most helpful:

This was my first attempt at printing out the words:

Even though I thought I had left enough space around the 
text to cut out hearts, I did not.  This is what I ended up going to:
I had plenty of this antique-looking cardstock left over 
from making programs at my daughter's wedding, so in the 
reprint session, I gave the text plenty of space.

Originally, I was going to use the tea-stained doilies but then
I decided to save them for another time and just used some
white ones straight out of the package. A template was cut
out of paper from "craft fails" of printing this stuff. 

In this age of light boxes and cutting machines this may seem
archaic but did you know that to find where on a piece of 
paper you want to cut that you can hold it up to a window?

Since I am actually making this ON Valentine's Day, I'm not
sure how much longevity this display has but Tom Kat liked it
as his Valentine "card" for this year. 


  1. we love love those Beatles too...what a clever and fun and different idea!

  2. THAT is a really, really cute idea. I love all thoe old Beatles songs, too. Happy V Day-xo Diana

  3. That does take me back, I do remember loving the Beatles when I was 14, George was my favourite.

  4. I love the "vintage" feel of these! super adorable :) You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Hearts Craft Challenge :-) http://www.craftbaby.com/contests/43/those-tiny-toes-hearts-craft


  5. What a cute and unique idea. I bet your husband loved this.
    xx, Sherry

  6. You are amazing! I love this Valentine craft. Could be cute for a wedding table or anniversary gift too.

  7. You're a girl after my own heart.... waiting until the day of to get that spurt of inspiration! And did you ever! I love this display and all the creative ways you said "I love you!" Did you ever think we would be thinking the song "When I'm 64?" would apply to us? When did that happen??


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