February 6, 2013

"Hey, Girl" Blog Party

The Bliss Ranch blog is hosting a "Hey, Girl" blog party.
I don't really understand/know about the phenomenon
of adding words on top of photos of Ryan Gosling
so I 'googled' it and found a good article about it.
(Click on highlighted link above if you don't know about the trend either.)

Here's my entry to the "Hey, Girl" party:

hey girl

The party runs from February 7th through the 14th.
You don't have to use Ryan as your heart throb...you can use
a photo of your REAL heart throb if you want. 

To see other entries in the "Hey Girl" Valentine Party
come over to Bliss Ranch blog.


  1. Actually I think you're SUPPOSED to use a photo of your loved one LOL
    or that's what Bliss told me!

  2. This is so funny. I want to play! Did you see the kiss Ryan Gosling gave Rachel MacAdams at the MTV video awards when they won best kiss for The Notebook, and after he kissed her he said, "It was my pleasure" except he said it with a Scottish burr????? I think I had a cougar moment when I saw that....


  3. Dear Suzan, I DID consider using my REAL Valentine, Tom Kat. I eyed a photo of us when we were skinny and sad after our individual divorces and had just started dating to use for the party. Now that we have been married a few years, we are fat and happy and we don't like to see pictures of ourselves. I hope Bliss will let me come to the party with Ryan...I feel cool now that I know what "Hey, Girl" is...even if Ryan is young enough to be my son.

  4. There for a minute I thought you were going to kopy kat him and I was going to sure give that one a try!

  5. I had to laugh at your "Hey girl" comments. You are spot on. Sounds like my household when I'm crafting, only my hubby will say, "he'll make a sammich" which he loves!

  6. Or maybe it could be, "hey Girl'" from Luke Bryan and we could all get "up on the hood of Daddy's tractor" and shake it.

  7. Dying!!! Just read this out loud to David. And we've never had a conversation like this at my house...ummmm...well maybe a few times;)

  8. My Hey Girl was a similar theme -- takeout. Yours is funny.

  9. LOL.... you did Ryan proud!


  10. LOL! Sounds like my house! Though I also have paint pans and brushes and drop cloths covering everything too!

    Now I need to follow that link to find out how that whole Ryan Gosling poster thing started ...

    :) Linda

  11. Heehee! That's a cute one! What fun this party is.


  12. Too funny. It's like he gets us. :) Thanks for joining!

  13. lol What a great meme!! These are all so fantastic, the party is such a fun idea! Love yours!
    Debbie :)

  14. I linked-up. My husband is going to *kill* me! ;P

  15. ummmm, my husband might feel like he needs to say that all the time. :)

  16. HAHAHAHA!! This is hilarious. And not just because my family has had to fend for themselves while I finish something for a blog post while there's still daylight... that's NEVER happened... ahem. :)

    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  17. love your Hey Girl, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I linked to you in my hey girl post. I didn't know what it was either!

  18. LOVE! My 'Hey Girl' would be with Eric Church if I had a blog!


  19. Good grief! This does happen on occasion at my house. Thank goodness for cereal! LOL
    Thanks for coming by and hope you have a great weekend~ Tina

  20. This one is my favorite! Hilarious. I'm posting it on my FB page and linking back to you. lol Great start for a Monday. :)

  21. This just struck me as so funny I didn't think I could stop laughing! My favorite so far!!


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