February 11, 2013

Vintage Valentine Lollies

The coffee table in the great room was in need of a Valentine
decoration to go along with the mantle.  I have a few cloches
but did not have anything "cloche-worthy" to put in them.

A photo that I had recently seen gave me an idea for some-
 thing I could make to put in the cloches for very little cost.
Photo by Hayley Sheldon
These are actually ribbon medallions but they are in the
 shape of cute "lollies" I had seen used at parties, etc. 

For one of the book page wreaths I made for the
Valentine mantle, I tried a "lolly" to fill out the center.
Click here to see the tutorial that I used to learn how
to make the lolly.  The tutorial is actually for a 
"flower" ...just don't trim the edges into a curve. 

To construct the lollies, I used left over items from 
decorating the mantle for Valentine's Day:  
were in the scrapbook section at the craft store.

For the lollies that were going in the taller cloches, 
ribbon was added also. 

The smaller cloches' lollies didn't need any ribbon.

I'm not that good of a photographer...I get lots of glare off
of the cloches when I am taking photos of them.  Mind if I 
"un-cloche" the lollies so you can see them better?

OK gang...now put your cloches back on! 

Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes Look:
A few folks have asked how the lollies are standing up
in the cloches.  Here is a photo from behind with the 
cloches off:

For three of the cloches, I was able to use a clear vase to hold
the lollies up.  The two taller ones also had a wooden skewer
taped to them to elevate the lollies more.  The vases did not
work on the other two lollies...the vase pushed the lollie too
close to the edge of the cover.  The lollies were really 
lightweight so a piece of foam was enough to hold them up. 


  1. Love your lollies and perfect for the cloches.

  2. I know I'm being dense, but how are they standing up with the ribbons hanging?

  3. Oh my word, your lollies are so pretty and all of your cloches are stunning grouped together. Such a wonderful idea. Thanks tons for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  4. Your lollies are simply adorable and under glass..just gorgeous!

  5. So so pretty and sweet!

  6. These are so pretty! I love the images that you used, too. Such a great idea to use for your cloche display!

  7. Oh I love these Kitty! The aged pages make the lollies look vintage and I love how you added the ribbon. I think these are worthy of being displayed anywhere but look awesome in the cloches!
    Happy Valentine's Day.

    The French Hutch

  8. I love your decorations. Such a pretty display!

  9. Beautiful! So cute. I love working with vintage book pages and vintage images. I bookmarked this post! Love it!

  10. I love vintage Valentine's. You were so creative to design the lollies. Your grouping is very attractive.


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