December 28, 2019

Christmas Home Tour 2019

Well I am very tardy in posting pictures of my Christmas
decorating this year but I am going to do it anyway. It will
allow me to be able to look back on the post in the future
and maybe someone can use the ideas for Christmases to come. 

Here is the front of the house...

  The decorations are some I have used in recent years but
much more pared down as we given away a lot of decor
items in anticipation of putting our house up for sale soon.

The front door...
Click for tutorial DIY Burlap Christmas Tree

The wreaths on the windows...
Click for tutorial Make a Christmas Mesh Wreath

A new decoration for this year is the large wreath over the
buffet in the foyer/dining room. 

The wreath is inspired by the Martha Stewart magazine
cover from a few years ago. Her staff used official "Putz"
houses on the wreath and cotton for snow. 

I didn't really want snow because it rarely snows where I 
live so I left that off. I didn't want to buy anything else I
would have to get rid of (like Putz houses) before we move so
 I made easy and inexpensive little paper houses for the wreath.

I borrowed the large wreath. 

I have lots of  little bleached Christmas trees so I wanted to
 use them everywhere I could this year because I don't know if
they will make the downsizing moving "cut". 

I made the houses skinny so they could nestle into the greenery.
The bottle brush trees also were easy to push into the wreath. 
If you want to make some here is the tutorial Make Little Paper Houses

More little trees on the dining room table...

...along with bottle brush wreaths...

...the hutch behind the dining room table...

...also has trees and more paper houses.

These houses were made on a larger scale to be more visible
behind the wavy glass of the hutch. 

I'm opening the doors of the hutch to cut down on the glare so
 you can see the houses each made from a sheet of scrapbook paper.

I kept the colors of the houses neutral so they would 
blend in with the bleached trees. 

From the dining room we'll move into the living room.

Coffee table...

Fireplace mantel...

The bookcase on the left side of the mantel...

The bookcase on the right side of the mantel...

On the kitchen table are little bottle brush critters that are
 similar to the bottle brush trees.

I used epsom salt in the wooden bowl to mimic snow.

The kitchen counters hold trucks painted to look vintage in
differing vignettes.

(psst...the largest board is hiding the kitchen tv. It is made for
about $5 with foam board and contact's the tutorial)

The trucks used to be displayed in bedroom/office but the large
bookcase they sat on is gone now. The room still has a
 sleeper sofa in it with colorful Christmas pillows. 

If the house sells we will be in a new town next Christmas!
Thanks for visiting for my Christmas Home Tour 2019. 

If you would like to save this to Pinterest, here is a good image...


  1. Merry Christmas, Gayle! It's really great seeing you here crafting again! I love your interpretation of Martha Stewarts' Putz Houses Wreath! And I like yours the best! It's so pretty and quite unique! It blends in perfect with your holiday decor! We just got back last week from visiting Australia and cruising around New Zealand. Then we came down with terrible colds so we were sick for all of Christmas. I'm feeling better today but hubby is still out of it. Hope to get back in the swing of things soon.

    1. Thank you so much, Gail! You'd think I would be crafting and blogging more now that I am retired but we have been able to travel more now and I kind of got out of the habit of blogging. Sounds like your trip was wonderful! I hope y'all feel better soon.

  2. Hello Kitty, so happy to see you sharing at Love Your Creativity. I love your wreath and those sweet little houses. How creative you are. Many blessings for a bright New Year.

  3. I just love all your houses and trees, and the wreath is soooo cute!! I have visited your creative blog before, and now I understand why I haven't seen it for a while! I'm sure you will be busy with your move, but keep creating and posting, you are always doing such fun things!

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