December 29, 2019

Most Viewed Posts of 2019

This post is going to be short because actually I did not do
much blogging in 2019. Amazingly, I did have two blog posts
that each had well over 30,000 views so I think those deserve to
be recognized in a end-of-year roundup of blog posts. 

Number Two Most Viewed Blog Post

This post showed how I attempted to inject more green color
into my home decor as we were moving from Winter into the
Spring season. Two other blog post that were an off shoot of 
this main theme that showed more specifically  how to use 
many views as the overall moss post but are good tutorials. 

Number One Most Viewed Post

This post shows a unique way of enjoying orchids top to 
bottom. I was attempting to "kopy kat" a magazine article
about displaying orchids but found that I liked the interesting
roots of the orchids as much as the blooms. This post shows
a way to be able to keep the orchid happy (temporarily) 
without covering up the roots entirely.

Thanks very much to those of you who have visited my blog
in 2019 even though I have been sporadic in posting. 


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