February 9, 2012

Exploding Tulips

My husband is not one for giving Valentine's Day gifts
so to make myself feel better about being
(most likely) flowerless on February 14th,
I purchased myself a container of tulips.

I thought these were a good buy at Costco for $10. 
Not only do I get flowers now but a nice glass vase and
bulbs to plant to hopefully bloom Spring 2013

In the warmth of the sunny window,
those flowers started opening up pretty quickly.

Maybe I should have moved them to a darker location
or maybe once a tulip starts to open, it just goes quick.

Full blown here...

...and then exploding to hardly even looking like a tulip...

...but still pretty even in this stage.

Well, the tulips didn't even make it to Valentine's Day
but I enjoyed watching them open up day by day.
I'll plant the bulbs see the pink tulip blooms again when they
spring from the ground in about 12 months.


  1. Those tulips are gorgeous! My favorite! Since they bloomed so quickly you'll have to treat yourself to another bunch!

  2. The tulips are beautiful, even in their exploded state!
    Have a Happy Valentines Day

  3. Amazing how some spring flowers can perk up the day! They say you can't plant forced bulbs, but all grew fine. ~ Maureen

  4. What happens when the tulips grow completely..? Do we leave the bulbs in water as is and the flowers come again.??

  5. how to I keep the bulbs and plants alive after they bloom and are they high or medium light exposure?

  6. how do I maintain the plane after bloom?


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