February 24, 2012

The Opening Orchid

Orchids are such amazingly beautiful flowers.

I bought this white orchid to counter balance the
orange-y orchid (that I had purchased to try to
mimick a still life for January's
in the terrarium/orchid arrangement in my kitchen.

I like orchids if I can find them at a reasonable price
'cause the flowers last a long time.
I try to find them with some buds left still to
bloom so I can enjoy them even longer.

This one had pretty flowers already on it
and four buds still to open up.
The pot had a shiny glaze on it which I
thought did not really go with the other items
in the collection so I painted it a clay-ish
color, then a flat white color, then sanded it down.

Here we are down the three buds left to bloom.

The next to the last orchid flower opening up...

Poor little plant...did I water you too much? not enough? your leaves are droopy.

The final bud opens as the first blooms on the
stalk shrivel up and drop off.

Such a pretty face.
I have never been able to get my orchids to re-bloom so this plant and the
orange-y one will be going to live with my friend who got a book
 called "Orchids For Dummies" . Oh well, at least my terrariums are still alive.

(One of my favorite movies is "Adaptation" which is loosely,
and hilariously, based on the book "The Orchid Thief".)


  1. oh I love my orchids!!! I have a white and a purple in bloom now. Mine have rebloomed this is the 4th rebloom for the white and 3rd for the purple, I have one that the stalk died but the leaves are still healthy and it is taking a while to grow a new stalk. I keep mine in a sunny spot and water once a week, all the pots have bark and no soil. I drill holes in the pots so all water drains out and only bark remains wet. I was told they hate to sit in water and hate water on their leaves etc.....which I find weird because if they are in the wild they can't do much about that can they? lovely arrangement you have there!!

  2. That is just gorgeous. My friend's husband just sent her an orchid for Valentines day. It is so pretty, purple with all these new little buds popping all over. I really love the white.

  3. There's no chance of growing orchids in this house. The only good light is the patio door and the draft would kill them. Your's are lovely! ~ Maureen

  4. I love your terrariums, and now the pretty orchids bring an elegance to the vignette. Really beautiful spot in front of your window.

  5. Your orchid is beautiful and the terrariums are still looking great. A friend gave me an orchid once but after it died I haven't tried growing them again.

  6. I love orchids, they always look so elegant! I like how you transformed that white glossy ceramic pot, it looks perfect with your lovely terrariums:) Love the different shots of the beautiful orchid!Thanks for visiting me and leaving me such a sweet note. Have a wonderful weekend!~Poppy

  7. Oh, I love white orchids and this one is sooo pretty.

  8. Gorgeous orchid! I need to bring one home. I don't have much luck with them.


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