February 22, 2012

Mardi Gras Supper

Fat Tuesday just gives me some Cajun cravings.
I found some easy recipes that sounded Cajun
enough for me...they are probably far from authentic.

The subdued "Winter White" table setting
would just have to go and a much more festive
centerpiece would "reign" for our
Mardi Gras Supper.

The Rex Krewe is one of the oldest krewes
of the New Orleans Mardi Gras so
I brought the crowns that ususally live in
the bedroom out to be king of our tiny carnival.
Purple, green and gold were the original colors of the Rex Krewe.  They became the official
colors of Mardi Gras in the late 1800's.  Purple stands for justice, green for faith,
and gold for power.  Rex has been King of Carnival since 1872.

Doublooms (coins) have been thrown from Mardi Gras parade floats since 1964.  Each krewe now
have special doublooms made each year with their names and the date on them.  They have
become collectables.  If you want to know more about doublooms, here is a link

The recipes for the meal came from the website All Recipes.com.
I decided on Jiffy Jumbalaya,
(click on colored text to take you to the recipe on internet)

I like to use "dirty rice"(easy boxed kind) with jumbalaya.

Bayou Slaw incorporates the colors of Mardi Gras
with red cabbage, yellow pepper, and green zucchini.

I made the Super Easy King Cake even easier than the
recipe I printed out.  It's more of a craft project than a
recipe so I'm going to show you the steps quickly.

Get cans of cinnamon rolls with icing.
The recipe calls for 3 cans but I'm only having three people for supper so I cut back.

Undo the rolls and braid them together in sets of three.

Place your sets of roll braids in a Bundt (or tube) pan
 or just stack them in a ring shape on a cookie sheet.

While your king cake is baking for about 25 minutes
(don't cook it for 50 minutes as the recipe says),
divide your enclosed icing into three bowls.

Color the icing green, yellow, and purple
with food coloring and put them in sandwich bags.

When the cake comes out of the oven snip a tiny corner
off of a corner of each icing bag and squiggle it on the cake.
You could adapt this idea any time of year with
your choice of colors or just leave icing white.
You are supposed to put a tiny plastic baby in the cake after cooking but I skipped this step.

Ummm...just try to pretend that the weird color is purple.

Even though I was the Queen of Kopy Kat Carnival
(and had a plastic crown to prove it)
my daughter was Princess and wore a
purple and green fascinator just like
British princesses do. 

The napkins turned out better than I thought they would.
They looked almost like tissue paper flowers.
Just open out each napkin, pinch it in the middle, add another color in a stacking
fashion till you get all three nestled together. Then
wrap a piece of decorative wire (or tie a ribbon) around the base.

Bourbon Street's most famous drink is the Hurricane.
I couldn't find the original Pat O'Brien's mix or the
signature Hurricane glass but here's my substitute.

After eating our jumbalaya and slaw...

...we pulled our party poppers which shot
tiny streamers everywhere...fun!

Then time for dessert of King Cake and Moon Pies...

Moon pies started being thrown from Mardi Gras floats
in Mobile, Alabama in 1956 when Cracker Jack boxes
were banned because of the box's corners.  
Mobile actually had mystic parading 13 years
before New Orleans was even founded.

A good time was had by all.

"Laissez les bons temps rouler!"
French for "Let the good times roll!"


  1. yummy!it seems so much fun! very well..your daughter is looking smart :)

  2. Love the centerpiece with those awesome crowns and your king cake looks so yummy. Did you know that Mardi Gras started in Mobile?


  3. Hi Miss Kitty!

    Mardi Gras sounds like so much fun. We always want to go during our 6 years living in DFW. Katrina
    delayed our plans and then we moved... bummer.

    I love how you decorated and the info about Madri Gras history. Great pictures and tutorial. Looks like you spent a lot of time on it, but the fun was worth it.

    Thanks for sharing at my Bunny Hop Party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  4. Love the crowns and your table is fabulous! The cake looks yummy too.
    Hugs, Sherry

  5. This was creative! I'm really enjoying your blog.

    The phrase is actually:
    "laissez les bon temps rouler"
    Laissez = Let

  6. Loved your party look and ideas. I just had a party Saturday night. I served red beans and rice, crawfish etouffe', muffulettas and I had a king cake, too...made with the frozen bread dough. I've used the cinnamon rolls before, too, and they were good. I like the bundt pan idea.
    If you can, go check out my table.

  7. What a beautiful table setting!
    I love those crowns you used... awesome!

    Looks like a fun time
    and that cake would be gone if
    it had been HERE!!!

  8. Makes me want to put my crown on just to be queen for a day.


  9. WOW!!!

    That dinner party was very well done! You pulled out all the stops!

    It was all so fun and festive!

  10. That's so much fun! I love the cake and fun, festive colors. I have to admit that this was really an education as I know nothing about Mardi Gras! Thanks for sharing!

  11. How nice all the information you give about Mardi Gras! Love the crowns you used to decorate the table! and that cake looks yummy! Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower.

  12. Happy Mardi Gras!! I'm your newest follower -stop by for a visit!!

  13. Great post...I loved it all from start to finish. I feel like I was there. Your table decor was spot on and the food looked great! Too funny with the Moon Pies! :) Thanks for sharing at the Rock 'N Share!


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